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Sign of the Times


May showers bring spring flowers. One day dawns warm and sunny; the next is cold and blustery. Changes in the weather are matched by contradictions in the human psyche. This is the month of Taurus - April 19th to May 20th. The strength and determination of the bull mixes with the stubborn resistance of the mule.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. This earth sign takes the instinctive fire of Aries and grounds it in physical reality. These natives are deeply centered in the physical - both within their own body as well as in their relationship to the world. They love good food, physical comfort and luxurious surroundings. Money and the accumulation of resources can become a primary concern of these natives and they can be possessive, both of people as well as things. Although greed can be one of the less attractive personality traits associated with this sign, it is important to understand that acquisitiveness is the outgrowth of the need Taurus has to find security through the physical. In our age, money and objects are the proof of substance. Taurus can mistake possessions as proof of manifestation - the more one has the more one must exist.

Taurus is the earthiest of the earth signs and these natives take great joy in manipulating the physical world around them. Found among their numbers are mechanics, sculptors, surgeons, gardeners, carpenters and artisans. Fascinated by tools and the mechanical aspects of the world, nothing pleases them more than engaging in activities that allow them to mold reality with their own two hands. Patient and calm on the outside, the inherent creativity of this sign is often overlooked. Anyone, however, who watches these natives solve a problem within physical reality is immediately struck by the depth of their creative processes. Taurus is quite capable of "thinking outside the box" when solving mechanical problems. If ever one is shipwrecked on a desert isle, one can only hope to have a Taurus along, for within a day a two this individual will have built a hut and devised a system to deliver running water.

The symbol for Taurus is the bull, and these individuals are known for their ability to focus on the task at hand with persistence and determination. Calm and serene, it takes much to anger them. Like the mighty bull, however, when the fires of anger are stoked and finally released these individuals can be fearsome creatures. The words "like a bull in a china shop" speak to the rage unleashed from deep within when their anger finally arises.

These natives are also known for their great stubbornness. It must be remembered how early this sign falls upon the zodiacal wheel. These natives look for truth within their own natures and they are not easily swayed by the forces around them. Taurus is the first of the fixed signs - the others are Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. All of these signs have something to do with the experience and use of power. Taurus natives are deeply attuned to their own power and automatically resist the power of others. Many of these natives bear the mark of the loner, including those in a marriage or partnership. Cooperation and true compromise does not come easy, and often these individuals will be happier in solitary pursuits rather than working within conditions where teamwork is required.

Taurus is associated with the second house of the zodiac - the house of money and resources. Among the greatest resource any individual can claim is their talent and ability. Recognition and development of onešs natural abilities is the true objective of this sign.

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