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Sign of the Times


Spring bursts out in all its glory. Shimmering light dances over the green hills and the air is sweet with the scent of flowers. Solitary creatures find mates as the instinctive urge to create new life dominates all. This is the month of Aries, lasting from March 20th until mid-day, April 19th.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the beginning of an astrological year. The astrological mandala describes a growth process. The first six signs of the zodiac, Aries through Virgo, describe the growth of the individual. The second six signs of the zodiac, Libra through Pisces, describe the growth of the collective and the integration of the individual into that collective. Aries is where it all begins, with the instinctive yearning of new life toward manifestation.

Aries is a fire sign, ruled by the planet Mars. The natives of this sign are always in movement and greatly desire experience. Spontaneous, active, energetic, these individuals are always up for something new. They are sometimes seen as combative and insensitive by the more sedate members of the zodiac, although this is something of a misunderstanding. Although warrior energy is common to this sign, these natives are not as hungry for the fight as they are for new experience. The desire nature is strong in these individuals. They may well elbow themselves to the front of the line, both figuratively and literally, but not because they wish to compete with others. There is something at the front of that line that Aries wants intensely - so all around look out, this powerful arrow of action is on the move.

Aries is the instinctive flame of first manifestation - but as such it is inherently incomplete. This is the desire to be - but it isn't yet. The process of manifestation is the work of the signs that follow. Aries individuals are good at starting new things, but not as good at completion. Their ears perk up at the thought of something new and exciting to do while they feel confined and restricted in areas demanding a steady outpouring of energy toward completion. This becomes an area of great learning, as they move through life leaving a trail of half-done projects stretching out through the years behind them.

These natives do best in work that allows them to be pioneers, blazing new trails through uncharted territory. Naturally intuitive and at one with their instincts, they are not afraid to jump out of the established box into new areas of thinking and doing. This is, after all, the job of Aries, to initiate a new cycle of experience and to lead the way into unknown areas.

In spite of their fiery and spontaneous temperaments, these natives are remarkably sensitive in personal relationships. They are often surprised and wounded at the response others make to their enthusiastic approach to life. Being the first of the cycle does not provide much sense of self-reflection, and Aries often cannot see themselves as others see them. They do not realize that they have pushed others out of the way, nor can they see that their lusty desires have overtaken all around them. Learning objectivity and seeing how their actions affect those around them becomes a key lesson for these natives. The trick is to be true to their pioneering nature and to take advantage of the gifts it provides, without whacking aside everyone in their path. They must learn to become the attuned and sensitive explorer of the unknown.

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