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ALL ASTROLOGICAL INTERPRETATIONS ARE PERSONALIZED - NO COMPUTER REPORTS! Interpretations taped personally by Ruby Falconer. Charts included.

BASIC NATAL - A good place to start if you've never had your chart done and are interested in what astrology can do for you. This complete analysis of your natal chart provides an in-depth description of your talents and abilities, as well as your personal challenges. One-hour tape.
- $ 120

TRANSITS AND PROGRESSIONS - If you know your chart and don't feel you need to hear it all again, this is for you. Transits and progressions provide a technique for bringing a natal chart into present time and can help shed light on the hidden meaning behind events. 45 minute tape covering approximately one year.
- $ 85

THE COMPLETE PACKAGE - The Basic Natal and Transits and Progressions all in one package. This complete astrological analysis covers all aspects of a chart. One hour and 45 minute tape. Order the Package and save $30!
- $ 175

RELATIONSHIP - Find out what is really going on between you and your beloved! This analysis goes beyond mere compatibility and speaks to the deeper question of why two people have come together. What are the lessons to be learned from one another? Although it helps to have some understanding of the natal charts, it is not required. One hour tape.
- $ 120

FAMILY ANALYSIS - Families share more than just physical characteristics and personality traits. Astrological themes specific to a particular family will appear repeatedly within the charts of individual family members. Understanding these themes can give an individual an advantage when contending with the emotional minefield existent in many family relationships.
- Price to be arranged

RELOCATION - Thinking of moving? Check out your chart in your new location. Different locations bring out different aspects of our charts. Some areas work to our benefit - some to our detriment. Find out before you make the move! Basic Natal required.
- $ 20 per location

PET CHARTS - Are you having a problem with your pet? Aggression? Illness? Or do you just wonder about your beloved pet's behavior? Astrology can help you understand your animal better - and improve your relationship! Check out the Pet Astrology section of this web site to see what can be done. Exact birth dates are not necessary.
- Price to be arranged

TELEPHONE CONSULTATIONS - Phone consultations can be arranged according to your specific needs, day or night, weekdays or weekends. You will save time and money if you have some understanding of your natal chart. The Basic Natal is recommended - but not required. Appointment necessary.
- $50 for 30 minutes
- $85 for 1 hour

ON-LINE QUESTIONS - invites you to send in your questions to be answered in my on-line "Ask Ruby" Column. This service is free. Questions will be answered in the order they are received; the column will be up-dated regularly. A personal email response is available for a small fee.
- Personal Response - $20
- Web Site Response - FREE

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