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Western astrology entered the modern age with the 1936 publication of The Astrology of Personality, by Dane Rudhyar. In his groundbreaking book Rudhyar applied the ideas of contemporary philosophy and Jungian psychology to the ancient symbolism of astrology. In a career extending over 60 years Rudhyar became the guiding voice of "humanistic astrology", utilizing what he called a "person-centered approach." Thanks to his influence modern-day astrologers typically regard a natal horoscope as a blueprint, or map, of human personality. Individual journeys are delineated by the passage through the natal chart of the various planetary forces for change.

Astrology continues to evolve, providing a flexible and comprehensive model adaptable to the concerns of the present day. As members of a global community we find ourselves increasingly challenged to suspend judgment of the unfamiliar, and to develop an appreciation of holistic pluralism. At the core of the astrological metaphor is the relationship between the individual and the collective. The language of astrology is based on the concept of interrelated truths, and describes the dynamic interplay of ever-changing factors. It functions not only as a map of individual personality, but also as a translation of the interface between the individual and the collective. It is a useful tool for navigating the waters of our post-modern age.

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