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Sign of the Times


Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, runs from February 19th through March 19th. The long, cold winter seems that it will never end. But we can see harbingers of spring - a blossom on a tree, a bird chirping merrily in the dim morning light, the evening sun gradually setting later day by day.

The water sign Pisces is symbolized by two fish, swimming in opposite directions. This is an appropriate image for these natives, who often feel like they are pulled in two directions. While longing for organization and structure, Pisces feels overwhelmed by disintegration and chaos. No sign understands better the inevitability of chaos and decay, and no native feels more powerless in defending him/herself against it.

Such subjects come up frequently for Pisces. The natives of this sign are not always aware of limits and boundaries - whether manifested as the personal space of other people, the actual nature of a relationship, or the literal confines of physical reality - and so find themselves frequently bumping into the boundaries set more naturally by the natives of other signs of the zodiac. Pisces is the ultimate sign of the collective. This sign has sometimes been referred to as a "karmic dumping ground." It is the point in the zodiac where all the issues of the other signs end up. It is the end of the line, astrologically speaking, the darkness before the light, the primordial soup out of which new forms of life is born. In the preceding sign, Aquarius, the collective is consolidated; in Pisces the collective is perfected and then begins an inevitable process of decomposition that leads to the sign of extreme individuality - Aries. It is for this reason that many Pisces find their life's work in some sort of dedication to the greater good. Found among their ranks are social workers, healers, religious and spiritual leaders, and artists who view their work as a means for accessing higher consciousness and a way to communicate with humanity at a higher level. Lofty ideals and a desire to serve are common among these natives, along with a compassionate nature and great sensitivity to the pain of others.

This sensitivity can be extreme. In some individuals the gift of psychic ability is prominent. Many mediums and channelers are Pisces or have heavy Pisces influence in their charts. Just as common is the individual who denies vigorously any type of psychic ability. It is not unusual to find a Piscean individual who is organized to the point of rigidity. Found among their numbers are also military commanders and captains of industry who adhere to rigid schedules and timetables. This too is a reaction to the inherent sensitivity of Pisces. These individuals often sense from childhood that their openness to other realms is unusual and different and so they attempt to compensate by rigidly structuring their daily life.

Resolving the question of opposites is the major issue for Pisces. There is a great need to attain clarity - and a tendency to feel overwhelmed to the point of confusion. There is a tremendous desire to serve humanity, and a corresponding tendency to become rigidly trapped by the petty needs of others. Their gentle demeanor and capacity for compassion can be taken advantage of, and Pisces can find themselves feeling trapped into a life of meaningless sacrifice. The lesson for this sign is one of compassionate detachment - learning to serve without doing those things that might best be done by others for themselves. Always compassionate, always caring, yet knowing when to say no to the individual demands made upon them, the Pisces native is happiest in daily work that allows them to make a difference to the greater good.

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