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Sign of the Times


The air sign Aquarius extends from January 20th through February 18th. In the cold, dark winter individuals find solace and a sense of connection by joining with others, creating a whole comprised of the many.

Aquarius is the sign of the group. It governs organizations, clubs and societies committed to a common goal. Many Aquarian individuals enjoy being part of a team, within which the role of each individual is equally important. They are found working in hospitals, corporations and within any organization where a dedication to teamwork and a willingness to "leave one's ego at the door" is necessary.

This sign is associated with the planet Uranus - the ruler of technology and science. Aquarian individuals often have an affinity for the tools of technology and an interest in the potential of the future. All of the air signs place emphasis on the processes of the mind, and the Aquarian can often be found with his/her nose in a science fiction book, exploring the Internet, or engaged in a spirited debate on the future of space exploration.

Aquarius comes at the point on the wheel of the zodiac where the collective reigns supreme. Following on the heels of Capricorn - the sign dedicated to the rules of society - Aquarius represents the results of these rules. A well-ordered society has the potential to create a collective of people that functions as one being, within which the group is more important than the needs and desires of the individual.

An awareness of the larger needs of the collective dominates the Aquarian consciousness, setting up a unique dilemma. If one places personal needs first, one cannot be an effective member of a collective. And yet the orientation of this sign seems to deny the importance of the individual and his/her own desires and needs. To the Aquarian, talents and abilities are always to be used for the greater good, rather than for personal satisfaction and gain.

Some natives of this sign are remarkably solitary. Found among them are the inventors, reformers and revolutionaries of the world. These people may work alone to create the perfect light bulb, reform imperfect rules or laws, or revolutionize some out-moded aspect of society - but always their commitment is to the larger needs of the collective.

In personal relationships the Aquarian can seem cold and distant. Intimacy does not come easy, and this native is sometimes lonely. There are times when these individuals play the role of the observer, hovering around the edges of the group but experiencing great difficulty when personal communications demand openness and vulnerability. The tendency for this native is to emphasize the intellect at the expense of feelings and emotions.

The challenge for the Aquarian is to learn to appreciate the roles that intimacy and emotional connection play within the life of any collective. Not everything in relationship comes from the intellect; some things come from the heart.

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