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Sign of the Times


Autumn is in full swing with the advent of this fire sign - November 22 through December 20. The days are shorter, the air is cold, the sky looms gray through the barren branches of trees. The pendulum swings irrevocably toward its extreme - the longest, darkest night of the year.

The planet Jupiter, the principle of growth through expansion, rules Sagittarius. These natives are often larger than life with a personality that can fill up a room. Warm and generous, enthusiastic and active, these individuals are natural leaders. Others are drawn to their warmth, as to a fire on a cold winter night. Although they can be competitive, doing well is more important than winning. When participating in team sports they are engaged and involved, and use their enthusiasm to build team spirit and to urge their teammates to perform their very best. Many prefer solitary sports, such as cycling and running, that allow them to constantly improve on their own past performance.

Sagittarians have a basic optimism that allows them to look for the silver lining in any cloudy situation. Curiosity and openness propels them toward the new and different. Sagittarians love travel and exposure to other cultures. They readily engage in conversation with people from far-flung parts of the world in order to learn the similarities and differences between themselves and others.

Sagittarius comes at the point in the zodiacal wheel when the community is clarifying the values and ideals of society. Sagittarius rules philosophy and religion, law and political science - the system of concepts upon which the rules of society are based. This sign is about the big picture - defining ideals that can only be perceived by comparison with other cultures. This is the "why" behind the "what" we do as a collective.

The Sagittarian tendency toward bigness sometimes gets them in trouble. They are impatient with details, and can become restless when tied down. They can be reckless, abrupt and blunt, and can suffer from foot-in-mouth disease.

The symbol for the sign Sagittarius is the archer - drawing his arrow back toward some unseen target. The boundless energy and enthusiasm of Sagittarius needs a target, or it is wasted. The challenge for these individuals is to find a cause that they truly care about, often of a political, philosophical or religious nature. When deeply involved they are natural leaders. They may be the sports captain leading the team to victory, the firebrand in front of the political demonstration, the disaster worker traveling the world to assist in one catastrophe after another, or the spiritual devotee sharing the news of their faith with others. Without a cause, this juggernaut bangs around recklessly and ineffectually, but with one, this person is a force to be reckoned with.

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