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Sign of the Times


Long warm days, fresh clean air, and the sweet scent of flowers - spring is in full bloom. This is the month of Gemini - May 20th through June 20th. Recharged and energized, our minds drift to fantasies of the long, hot summer days ahead.

Gemini natives are curious, changeable and easily bored. They love variety and blossom in stimulating environments. These are people with lots of energy, known for their active interest in everyone and everything around them. Their circle of friends is wide, and they bring to their relationships an intense interest in their friends' activities.

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and the first of the air signs. All of the air signs are about interaction and relationship. Gemini represents the point in the zodiacal wheel when the new energy of Aries, grounded in Taurus, awakens in consciousness. In a young child, this is the "why" stage of mental development. What is this, where is it, and why is it like this?

Mercury - the planet of communication - rules this air sign. These natives love to communicate and are often found in professions such as writing, editing or broadcasting. Gemini natives are found in every profession, however, and have a tendency to change careers many times in their lives. The words "jack of all trades, master of none" are associated with the sign Gemini. This is somewhat unfair, however. Although Gemini can be the dilettante, they aren't wasting their time. They are simply trying to cram into their experience as much variety as possible. They can be happy traveling, talking, educating, teaching, selling - just so there is plenty of change. Gemini thrives on change.

Gemini natives are sometimes considered fickle. Their attention can be swayed by the lure of new projects, new activities and new friends. Old friends, particularly natives of earth or water signs, may feel abandoned when the vibrant, active Gemini scurries full-tilt over to some new person or activity. Although it may not always seem so, Gemini individuals are very loyal to those they love. They just cannot contain their curiosity when confronted by something new! Their desire to learn about this new person or thing overtakes everything else - and provides much needed stimulation to their psyche and intellect. Their circle of connection becomes incredibly wide. These are the original networkers.

Gemini is very sensitive to the criticism of others. This sensitivity manifests through a tendency to worry and a susceptibility to stress-related illnesses. In many ways our culture does not appreciate the Gemini personality. We emphasize developing skills and sticking at them over a lifetime. Nothing could be more boring to the Gemini than the thought of staying at one job or profession their entire life! These natives will suffer far less stress if they understand their own needs. They are the hummingbirds of the zodiac - moving rapidly from one bush to another. Hummingbirds instinctively know when they have had enough of one flower and must move on to the next, their wings buzzing rapidly all the while. The Gemini native samples the nectar of life from many sources, intuitively knowing when to move on without guilt. Their challenge is to be true to their own nature without feeling hampered by an excessive sense of responsibility projected onto them by others. They must learn how to center deeply within their own intuition, responding to the rhythm of their own need for change.

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