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Sign of the Times


The heat of the summer is on. The sun beats down, the air feels close, the summer crops grow high. This is the month of Leo - July 22nd to August 22nd.

The lion, king of beasts, symbolizes Leo. Leo is the sign of power manifest - the natural leader. This is the president of the company, the charismatic politician, the actor commanding center stage. These are creative people who easily take the reins of power and step willingly into the limelight.

This fire sign is ruled by the Sun - the center of the solar system and, symbolically, the center of identity. The typical Leo is emotional, dramatic, funny, courageous, moody, generous and volatile. They are quick to anger and just as quick to forgive. They live life like a roller coaster ride, scraping the skies and bumping the bottom.

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and comes after the sign of personal integration - Cancer. Leo is the first time on the zodiacal wheel that we have a whole person. The desire of Aries, the body of Taurus, and the consciousness of Gemini is synthesized through the water sign Cancer. The result is Leo - a brand new whole and complete individual.

This new being is full of bluff and bluster. The Leo native needs to feel powerful; they want to know they have an affect on those around them. To some, the Leo individual seems self-centered and arrogant. At their worst, they are dominating and authoritarian.

Nothing matters more to a Leo than being recognized and acknowledged for their talents and abilities. Grant them the recognition they deserve and you'll have a friend for life. If you ignore them or fail to appreciate their efforts, they sulk and become sullen. Some behave like bulldozers - determined to push their way into your notice.

There is an element of insecurity behind this extroverted façade. Driving the Leo native's desire for acknowledgment is a great subjectivity. This individual needs to be seen - and seeks a reflection of himself through others. The applause of an audience, the rapt attention of a student, the obedience of a subordinate - these are the experiences that provide a mirror by which this native can see his own reflection and so be convinced of his existence.

This newly manifested being is a powerful force and must learn through experience. This is a lesson about power. Leo natives must learn to fully express the vibrancy of their own personality while respecting the preferences and desires of others. The great lesson of Leo is about the use and abuse of personal power.

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