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Pet Astrology - Tess

TessIt was in February 1995, that the phone call came from my friend at San Francisco's animal shelter. I had asked her to look for a puppy. The previous three months had been the first time in my life that I had lived without a dog. Much had happened in recent months that had precluded our getting a puppy - including the death of my ailing mother and the slow demise of our beloved German Shepherd mix. It was time for a new dog.

I rushed down to the shelter. The puppy my friend had selected was around three months old - vibrant, confident and pure white. She was listed as a white shepherd mix, but to me she looked like a mix between pit bull and lab.

From the beginning Tess was a handful. She was confident, pushy and full of energy. Although very good with people, she began early on to show a quick temper with other dogs.

I've often wondered how I, a meek, mild and introverted individual, hooked up with this spitfire. Although we only have a general idea of when Tess was born, we know that she is a Scorpio, with a Sun/Mercury/Pluto conjunction. She has three planets conjunct in Sagittarius - Venus, Mars and Jupiter - square to her Saturn in Pisces. In a human chart this would describe a very intense person. Tess is territorial, possessive and quick to anger. She is also confident, athletic, energetic, full of fun, and very smart.

So - how has astrology helped my relationship with Tess? I am a Virgo, with my Sun conjunct Saturn. My Moon is in Scorpio, square to Pluto. Although I am meek and mild on the outside, I am intense and emotional under the surface. In people, a Scorpio Sun describes a very intuitive individual who picks up on the unspoken energy in the environment that runs powerfully under the surface. Early in our relationship it became clear that Tess picks up on my unexpressed feelings. When I am feeling angry or upset, fearful or sad, Tess is more likely to get in a fight with another dog. In some way, Tess externally reflects my own internalized intensity.

Additionally, I have Mars in Cancer in the 12th House, conjunct to my Ascendant. It has been very difficult for me to access my own vital energy. I've always hated conflict. In my relationship with Tess, I have had to become more assertive. If there isn't a strong personality around, she will assert hers - sometimes with disastrous results. Tess needs me to be strong with her and clear about my own feelings. Working with her has created changes in me that have been helpful to both of us. I have become more assertive and Tess has become more secure. She is able to relax and show her happy, energetic personality to the world. Both Tess and I have grown as a result of our relationship.

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