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Pet Astrology - Mattie

MattieFor many years I worked in a pet food and supply store in San Francisco. One day a woman came in with a tiny kitten bundled up in a towel. This kitten was so young its eyes weren't open; so tiny it fit in the palm of her hand.

The woman told us that she worked in a machine shop south of the city, situated next to an open field. Earlier that day, she and her co-workers had heard screaming coming from the field. She went outside to investigate and found a tiny gray striped kitten. Thinking that the mother cat would soon be back, she did not touch the kitten and went back to work.

Hours went by and the screaming did not stop. The woman began to be concerned - hawks, foxes and other predators regularly hunted in the field. Finally, she went out and got the kitten. Knowing that she would not be able to give this tiny creature the round-the-clock care it would need, she brought it into our store and turned it over to me.

This is how Mattie came to us - on April 1, 1993. Our guess is that she was about four days old, giving her a birth date of March 27th. An Aries.

From the beginning Mattie was a fighter - independent and determined to have her own way. Her Moon is in Taurus in a challenging aspect to Saturn in Aquarius. In a human chart the Moon and Saturn have to do with the nurturing structure that is provided to a child. The same is true for a pet. Mattie's loss of her mother is described by the Moon square to Saturn in her chart.

Pluto represents transformation through death. Pluto is in an opposition to Mattie's Moon and in a square to her Saturn. This can describe either the death of her mother - or the threat to her own life resulting from her abandonment by her mother.

Her Mars in Cancer opposite to Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn describe the unpredictability of her start in life. Mars has to do with our vital energy - Mattie had many challenges right from the beginning.

Mattie was much loved, however. My partner and I completely adored her. She was cuddled and snuggled as much as a tiny being could be. In spite of her difficult beginning, she blossomed into a confident and enthusiastic young cat. Mattie's Sun in Aries is conjunct to Venus - also in Aries. Sun conjunct Venus in a human chart describes an optimistic personality that always sees the bright side of life. Like most Aries, Mattie loves being alone. She spends long hours prowling the back yards on her own. But when she comes home she bounces in cheerfully, screaming loudly and announces her arrival to her loving humans.

Although a loner, Mattie is not a fighter. When confronted with a more aggressive cat she always retreats. Mars in Cancer and Mercury in Pisces are the marks of a sensitive soul - too sensitive to engage in an aggressive relationship with the world.

The balance of fire and water in Mattie's chart suggests a vibrant and sensitive cat. This is a winning combination for anyone. In spite of a precarious start in life, the stars have always been in her favor.

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