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Pet Astrology - Frank

FrankDuring my years at the pet food and supply store I spent many hours with the store cat - an orange-striped tabby named Frank. Frank was the perfect store cat - independent, mild-mannered and sweet-tempered. He flourished in the constantly changing environment of the store and was adored by employees and customers alike.

His exact age was always uncertain. He came from a shelter as a young cat believed to be around a year old. Based on the shelter's approximation, and his personality, I guessed him to be an Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of the group and describes an individual who does well as part of a team. The Aquarius personality often exhibits an emotional detachment that I could see in Frank. I designated February as his birth month.

Frank was 12 years old when I left the store. It was decided that it was time for him to retire, and I gratefully accepted the offer of the store owner to take Frank home with me. Six months after Frank came to live with us, in August 1998, he became seriously ill with a life threatening disease. After a month of intense medical support he recovered, although not back to his full strength. In January 1999, Frank became ill again. Tests indicated that he had contracted a terminal disorder. My partner and I were very sad, for it appeared that this beautiful cat did not have long to live. Fortunately with much care and lots of love he rallied and is currently doing well.

So what does astrology have to do with any of this? In August of 1998, when Frank first became seriously ill, the planet Uranus was transiting the 10th degree of Aquarius. In January of 1999, Uranus came back to this same degree. The correlation between Frank's illness and this transit tells me that Frank is indeed an Aquarius, and that his birth date is January 31st - the day each year that the Sun transits the 10th degree of Aquarius.

The Sun represents the center of our selfhood. Difficult transits to our Sun from the outer planets describe times when our essential self is challenged in some critical way - including threats from serious illness. Uranus is an outer planet associated with unpredictable, life-shattering events. The two transits of Uranus to Frank's Sun produced challenges to his very existence.

Frank, now 14 and an elder cat, continues to do well. I cannot help but wonder, however, what will happen in 2002 when the planet Neptune begins a two-year transit of the 10th degree of Aquarius. Neptune drains energy slowly and immutably. Although I cannot predict what will happen, it is important that we continue to provide Frank with a stable and supportive environment. And he, ever calm and serene, accepts our adoration. He has found his place at the center of our team.

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